Underwater RIG GK-GBU1

We developed and produced the prototype of the Underwater RIG “GK-GBU1” with remote control for drilling hard grounds (till to XI category of strength) and to collect samples from the seabed at a depth up to 300 m.

The project was implemented with the purpose of improvement of components and systems for hydraulic drive, automation and remote control submersible's equipment with electro-hydraulic drive.

Underwater RIG GK-GBU1 is a self-moving device with remote control. It is built on the base of track trolleys and rotary mechanism of excavator.

  • Maximum operating depth — 300m
  • Hydraulic unit power — 11kW
  • Unit supply — ~380V
  • Hole diameter — 40... 60 mm
  • Max drilling depth — 1000 mm
  • Unit control — from remote

During the tests Underwater RIG GK-GBU1 successfully conducted in the North Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 260m in November 2014.

GK-GBU-1 GK-GBU-1 GK-GBU-1 The cable reel Remot control